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 An EASY Way to Learn How to Play the GuitarHave you always dreamed about just picking up a Guitar and Playing a tune on the cusp for somebody?  Have you always thought it would be too hard to learn and were scared to even think about it?  Then we have a simple solution to all your worries…
Guitar Lessons in Chester is the best way and certainly the most friendliest way to begin learning what could be the greatest instrument ever made.
If you like the Blues, Rock, Acoustic or Jazz then we can match you up with the perfect tutor for you and you might even like a style you never even thought of trying!
Guitar Lessons in Birmingham make it easy to Learn the Guitar and with some of the most highly skilled teachers available you really cannot go wrong.  Expertise is the key here and without it you would be learning the wrong way so you will be safe in the knowledge that all the teachers at Guitar Lessons in Chester are fully qualified and have been teaching the Guitar for many years.So why Choose Guitar Lessons in Chester?

  • Our Teachers create the Lessons around you so you are not tied to a particular routine.  We can build a Lesson structure and time to suit you to make it easier for you to learn the Guitar.
  • Our Teachers are local and we can match the perfect Guitar tutor for you based on location and specific needs.
  • We have the experience to help you develop into a brilliant Guitar Player – How do we know that? – Because our teachers are brilliant Guitar players who have developed their own playing skills and talents over many years.
  • You can start immediately and all you have to do is contact us and let us know who you are and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.  You could be learning the Guitar before you know it.
  • We provide you with very pleasant teaching surroundings enabling you to relax as you learn and play in a friendly environment.
  • Maybe you want to learn to play just a few songs from your favourite artist – we can do this for you and it would be our pleasure to teach you how to play the songs the correct way.


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